...what's a "now" page?

now, as of 2020-09-13

right now i’m in sydney! though i’m mostly staying in my apartment due to covid. i have a full time job as a software engineer, but where isn’t super important for this page.

outside of that i am still trying to figure out how to balance The Big Five: work, sleep, social stuff, making things, and checking out things other people have made. the first two are sorted; i’ll let you know how i go on the other three.

i have been writing long-form fiction with the idea that i would only release them when the whole thing is done. i keep dropping them, though! that’s why there’s nothing for most of this year.

i intend on doing smaller things, one small thing a week for a while, to bulk out the timeline, so that stuff that i don’t like from 2019 is at the top. short stories and personal essays, and faffing around with “web art” and “graphic design”, and maybe some shitpost videos (and not shitpost videos? i have some small video essays i’d like to do).

this is where previous entries would go if i had any...